Carolyn Marie

I am called Carolyn Marie. I am a self-taught digital arts alchemist, writer, and poet working with photography, collage, photo-manipulation, graphic design, animation, video, and sound to create meditative light-art-work to OPEN SPACE for transcendence + healing - in the moment. 
I am inspired by the vast mystery in which we reside at the collision of people, machines, fantasy, and dreams. In my work I am attempting to translate intuitively, to transform alchemically, and to work deeply with consciousness; un, super, cosmic, and collective. I am cultivating magic in the mundane and witnessing the divine in the profane. I am a surreal abstraction waking within an infinite dream; waking to share with the world what I have seen.
I have more ideas than hours of the day. I practice my crafts and play creatively every day. I am interested in digital art, crypto, and NFT’s. 

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