24h Stardust / La Vie En Rose

NFT minted on H=N

full 24 frames shown here in 30fps
Contemplating mortality + cultivating a rosy mindset with programmable NFT crypto art that changes with hour of the day. 🤯 Time Zone set to Hawaii Standard Time (GMT -10:00) where the artist resides 🏝
As the hours tick away… remember who you are and where you are today.
You ARE liquid electric stardust with heart of gold and a sparkling diamond mind swimming with billions hopes, dreams, fears, loves, and tears.
You are a living, breathing, and completely unique human being dancing on the edge of a galaxy flying through the Universe.
Why not look at life through rose colored lenses?
About This Space: Messier 107 is one of more than 150 globular star clusters found around the disc of the Milky Way galaxy. These spherical collections each contain hundreds of thousands of extremely old stars and are among the oldest objects in the Milky Way.

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